According to the research, overseas music visitors to the UK reached a new record of 1.1 million last year.

According to a survey, 1.1 million individuals came to the UK from other countries to attend a concert last year, with attendance topping one million for the first time.

According to figures given by the industry association UK Music, music tourism contributed £6.6 billion to the economy.

Music tourism refers to travel to another city or town to attend a music concert or festival.

Stars like Harry Styles drew 1.1 million overseas music visitors to concerts in 2022, the first full year after the pandemic.

Stormzy and Dua Lipa also went on tour, while Paul McCartney performed at Glastonbury.

According to UK Music, which represents the industry, another 13 million music tourists traveled within the UK to see performers such as Ed Sheeran and Elton John, contributing to a total music tourism yearly spend of £6.6 billion, which is expected to support 56,000 employment.

‘Excellent assets’

The figures, according to UK Music CEO Jamie Njoku-Goodwin, “testify to just how important a thriving musical ecosystem is for our towns and cities.”

“Music is one of our country’s great assets – not only is it absolutely critical to the economic success of our local areas, but it also generates huge amounts of soft power and helps put our towns and cities on the global map,” he said in a statement.

He emphasized that, despite the apparent success indicated by the data, the sector faced significant obstacles.

“With a venue closing every week, one in every six festivals not returning since the pandemic, and many studios facing enormous economic pressures, it’s critical that we protect the musical infrastructure that contributes so much to our towns and cities.”

This year’s estimates for music tourism are expected to be strong once again, considering the large number of fans who traveled to Liverpool, the host city for the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest, in May.

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