Actor Kevin Spacey is on trial for allegedly groping his accuser.

For legal reasons, we must protect the identity of the man who claims the actor contacted him after he let his dog out.

On the third day of Mr. Spacey’s trial, jurors at Southwark Crown Court heard a recording of his police interview.

The American actor is being charged with 12 counts, all of which he vigorously rejects.

In the audio, the accuser tells police that the actor entered the bar with a tiny dog.

What he stated was Mr. Spacey greeted everyone as he took a seat near the couches.

The man explained to the actor that after work, he would be meeting pals at another pub because there were “very limited” things to do in the area.

Cool, I could see you down there,” Mr. Spacey reportedly told the man, according to the detective.

The man claims that when entering the second bar, he was greeted by Mr. Spacey, whose distinctive American accent he recognized upon looking up.

According to the complainant’s statement to the detective, he and others returned to Mr. Spacey’s residence for more drinks after filing the formal complaint.

While intoxicated, the complainant recalled seeing a “little dog” jump out from between his legs while he was searching for a coat in one of the closets.

The man claimed he went back, scooped up the dog, and brought it inside again.

The actor, he claimed, then made a “huggy motion” at him.

An awkward man-hug ensued between the two of us; he hugged me, and I patted him on the back.

Then he grabbed my crotch and kissed my neck twice. Be cool, he repeated, before walking away.

My arm was in the middle and I pushed him up against the wall. ‘I’m sorry, I don’t bat for that team,’ I apologised.

Mr. Spacey, he claimed, exited the room with a “panicked” expression on his face.

For “a couple of seconds almost in disbelief that that happened,” the complainant says he stood.

In a “bit of a panicky state,” he fled the house and called his father.

It was April 1st, he recalled telling the investigator, and he didn’t think his father would believe him.

Mr. Spacey denies the sexual assault allegation made against him by this accuser.

Mr. Spacey, whose full name is Kevin Spacey Fowler in court documents, pleaded not guilty in January to three counts of indecent assault, three counts of sexual assault, and one count of inducing a person to engage in sexual behavior without consent.

Prior to this, he had rejected four further counts of sexual assault and one allegation of inducing a person to engage in penetrating sexual action without consent.

Mr. Spacey is currently on trial for these 12 counts, which date from 2001 to 2013 and were brought by four different individuals.

The statute guarantees the right to permanent anonymity for all four accusers.

The trial keeps going on.

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