After a two-day operation, Israeli forces have begun to withdraw from Jenin.

Twelve Palestinians and one Israeli soldier were killed throughout the course of the two-day operation.

As word spread on Tuesday night, the Jenin camp was rocked by gunfire and explosives.

Later, the Israeli military claimed that it had shot down five rockets launched from the Gaza Strip at southern Israel.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the launches by any organisation.

Palestinian health officials said an adult male had been murdered by Israeli forces as they began their departure from Jenin. The article claimed he was the city’s twelfth Palestinian fatality since Monday.

Additionally, the Israeli military has reported that a combat non-commissioned officer was shot and killed in the refugee camp on Tuesday night.

The violent Hamas group, which controls Gaza, claimed earlier in the day that a car-ramming and stabbing attack in Israel was retaliation for the Jenin operation.

According to Israeli authorities, a Palestinian man from the West Bank opened fire on a crowded commercial street in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv, injuring seven people. A random bystander shot him and killed him.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu remarked, “Whoever thinks that such an attack will deter us from continuing our fight against terrorism is mistaken.”

He added that the Israeli military was really “completing the mission” in Jenin, but that this was not a “one-time action.”

Israeli leaders were accused of staging a “invasion” by Palestinian officials.

Seven people were hurt in a car-ramming attack in Tel Aviv.
Palestinians are once again enraged over Israel’s operation in Jenin.
An early Monday morning drone attack, which the Israeli military claimed had hit a joint command center of the Jenin Brigades (a force comprised of various armed factions, including Hamas), marked the beginning of the Israeli military’s operation in the Jenin refugee camp.

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