Blackpink create UK festival history in Hyde Park with an amazing K-pop concert.

The K-pop girl trio performed to a sold-out crowd of 65,000 fans at London’s BST Hyde Park, some of whom had traveled halfway across the world to watch them perform.

“We’ve been waiting for this since last year,” said Jeangil Pagunsan, a Filipino visitor visiting the UK.

“No words can express how happy we are right now.” This night was completely wild.”

“We love everything about them,” Rick Mae Vaporoso, her buddy, added. “Everything was so hype.”

“Their songs are great, their personality is great, they’re really energising,” Adrian and Jess Chan agreed, having left Nottingham at 06:00 to ensure a prime seat in the audience.

Michelle and Yazmin Glackin, mother and daughter, had a considerably more difficult travel because their early morning flight from Northern Ireland was cancelled.

They ultimately got the last two seats on the 15:30 aircraft after an agonizing wait, arriving at the concert with all of their bags to ensure they didn’t miss the show.

“It’s been a long day, but it’s all been worthwhile.” “We’d do it all again,” added Michelle, whose daughter is “absolutely smitten” with the quartet.

“But I didn’t see anything because she was on my shoulders the whole time,” she explained.

Blackpink aren’t just one of the world’s biggest K-pop bands; they’re one of the world’s biggest bands in general.

Lisa (real name Lalisa Manobal), 26, from Thailand, Rosé (Roseanne Chaeyoung Park), 26, born in New Zealand and raised in Australia, Jennie Kim, 27, from South Korea, and Jisoo Kim, 28, from Gunpo, about 20 miles south of Seoul, were formed in an intense six-year bootcamp.

They’ve become the most followed act on YouTube and the first K-pop girl band to sell a million CDs since the release of their debut single Whistle in 2016.

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