By-elections: Conservatives avoided a defeat, but the results were still bad.

Rishi Sunak didn’t become the first prime minister since 1968 to lose three by-elections in one day.

But the results are still bad for his party. They just lost two big advantages, one to Labour in Selby and Ainsty and the other to the Liberal Democrats in Somerton and Frome.

Both results are bad news for the Conservatives all over the country.

They show that Rishi Sunak hasn’t been able to stop the party from losing seats in by-elections.

And they show again that he is having trouble changing the way people feel about him.

The surprise win in Boris Johnson’s old seat of Uxbridge and South Ruislip softens the blow a bit. Labour thought they were going to win, but they didn’t.

The Tories lose two big races, but they keep Uxbridge Live: Labour gets Selby and the Lib Dems win Somerton.
At the center of the Conservatives’ campaign was their resistance to expanding Ulez, the low emission zone that makes Londoners pay a daily fee to drive cars that aren’t as good for the environment.

That worked, and it makes Labour wonder what will happen to the plan in outer London in the future.

The Uxbridge result makes things a little more difficult this morning.

But it looks like this:

The Lib Dems are crazy and think they can win votes again in the West Country.

Labour is not as happy as it could be.

Even though the Conservatives didn’t lose big, they still have a lot to worry about.

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