Dan Wootton: Allegations about’monitoring’ at GB News

Wootton hosts a show on the station called “Wootton” from Monday to Thursday.

In July, he told people he had made “mistakes,” but he strongly denied doing anything wrong.

Some of the claims against him are that he used fake online identities and paid his media colleagues to give him sexually explicit photos or videos of themselves.

The chair of the House of Commons media committee wrote to Angelos Frangopoulos, the CEO of GB News, on Tuesday to ask “what, if any, investigations or processes have been done since the recent complaints about Mr. Wootton were made public?”

In her letter, Dame Caroline Dinenage said that the Sun newspaper, where Wootton worked until 2021, is “investigating his alleged behavior” right now.

In August, the people who run Mail Online said that they had “paused” his piece.

“Since then, we know that Mr. Wootton still broadcasts on GB News. On July 19, 2023, he talked about the accusations against him during a broadcast,” Dame Caroline wrote.

In response, Mr. Frangopoulos said, “Serious accusations have been made against Dan Wootton, but as far as we know, none of these accusations have been proven or accepted by an independent body.” GB News is still keeping an eye on the situation.”

He also said, “If a member of our staff made a formal complaint, GB News would, of course, take the right steps.”

Wootton said on his show on July 19 that he was the target of a “witch hunt” by “bad guys.”

At the time, the Metropolitan Police said that officers were “evaluating information to find out if any crime had been committed.” They also said, “There is no police investigation going on right now.”

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