Dolphin assaults on a Japanese beach damage swimmers

A guy in his 60s suffered cracked ribs and hand bites after a dolphin rammed him a few meters off Suishohama beach in Mihama, Fukui prefecture, early Sunday.

Another man in his forties was bitten on the arm in a separate incident on the same beach the same morning.

Later in the day, the mammals harmed two more persons.

According to local police, Fukui has had six such attacks this year.

Swimmers have been warned to avoid approaching or touching the mammals.

While dolphins are not typically violent toward humans, animosity toward swimmers is not uncommon.

Scientists believe that swimming near humans is “incredibly stressful” for wild bottlenose dolphins, and that it alters their behavioral rhythms.

In the Republic of Ireland, two ladies were hurt by the same dolphin in ten days in 2013, one of them had a broken rib.

A year later, five swimmers had to be rescued off the coast of Ireland after a violent dolphin encircled them.

Dolphins are known to be quite violent towards their fellow sea species at times, in addition to their antipathy for people.

A bottlenose dolphin was witnessed throwing a porpoise into the air as part of an aggressive fight near Cornwall, south-west England.

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