Europe’s summer vacation planes could be affected by strikes.

Eurocontrol is in charge of flights over Europe. One of its groups has said it might go on strike, but no dates have been set yet.

Eurocontrol said that talks with the union and other unions are still going on.

It said it was “doing everything it could to keep talks going and find a good way forward.”

Eurocontrol said that one of its unions, Union Syndicale Bruxelles, had “announced that industrial action could happen for six months.”

It said that the move could happen in its Network Manager Operations Centre, which handles more than 10 million flights a year.

Before the pandemic, it handled more than 37,000 flights a day at its busiest, and Eurocontrol said the center was a key part of controlling, improving, and streamlining air traffic.

Eurocontrol said that it was in “ongoing dialogue” with the union.

“As no specific notice of industrial action has been received, it is too early to guess what the effects might be,” it said.

Staff shortages caused planes to be delayed for a long time last summer, when people were on vacation. In all of 2022, more than a third of UK flights were late.

During the worst of the Covid pandemic, when thousands of jobs were lost, many flight businesses, including airports, could not hire new workers fast enough.

Since the number of workers has gone up this summer, strike action could cause trouble instead.

Strikes have already made it hard to get from the UK to France this year.

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