Fernando Alonso says that Aston Martin driver Max Verstappen and Alpine driver

Fernando Alonso is talking about perception and truth. He is talking about the difference he sees between how people see him and how he sees himself.

“This,” he says about Formula 1, “is a great show, both on and off the track. And you have to act like a certain person, right? Whatever you have to do.

“You have to sell the story. You have to say which parts are good and which parts are bad. In every race, every debate, and every argument, there are always good guys and bad guys, a good power and a bad power.

“People in general, the media, and everyone else always put me in a bad light. As if I were doing something wrong or something.”

People have been talking about a comment Alonso made in the most recent season of Drive To Survive on Netflix. This show is widely seen as a big reason why Formula 1 has become so famous in the past few years.

Alonso says in an episode that he is “on the dark side” on F1’s character board. He is a two-time world winner and one of the most famous and interesting people in the sport.

He is telling me what he meant and how he feels about how people see him as we talk in the Aston Martin team’s offices at the Belgian Grand Prix.

He says, “I’m fine.” “I’m doing well. I’m fine with it.

“The most important thing is that people still want you and want to know how long your deal is, because they might want you to drive for them in the future.

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