From July to September, EasyJet is canceling 1,700 trips.

The company has canceled flights to and from Gatwick airport in July, August, and September.

EasyJet said that limited airspace over Europe and continued problems with air traffic control are to blame for the cancellations.

The company said that 95% of the people who were affected had been put on other planes.

EasyJet made the choice just as many schools in England and Wales were getting ready to let out for the summer.

According to the aviation analytics company Cirium, there will be more flights leaving the UK in July than there were in October 2019 before the Covid pandemic.

It said that there would be 11% more planes leaving the UK than in July of last year.

EasyJet said that its flight delays are about the same as a day’s worth of flights. It will still make about 90,000 trips during that time.

A representative for EasyJet said that the whole airline business was facing “challenging conditions this summer” because Russia’s war in Ukraine closed the airspace over Ukraine, which made the skies crowded and messed up flights.

They also said that strikes planned by European air traffic managers could have an effect.

“We have made some changes to our schedule ahead of time to help our customers deal with these outside problems on the day of travel,” the source said. “We have consolidated a small number of flights at Gatwick, where we have multiple flights every day.”

“Customers whose flights are affected are told, and 95% of them are rebooked on another flight. All customers are given the option to rebook or get a refund.”

Last year, when Covid travel restrictions were eased, there was a huge rise in demand. At the same time, airlines and airports were short on staff, which caused long lines and canceled flights.

More than a third of UK planes were late in 2022 as a whole.

This year, airlines and airports said they were in a much better position, but they did say that the situation in Ukraine and problems with air travel could cause problems.

French air traffic managers’ strikes have caused trouble in the first half of 2023.

Also, Eurocontrol, which is in charge of planes over Europe, said that one of its unions might strike this summer, but no dates have been set yet.

Talks with unions are still going on, and experts say they don’t know what effect any walkout might have.

Airlines UK, which speaks for the industry as a whole, said that airlines have “put in a lot of work to make operations more resilient since the pandemic.”

It also said that its members were “looking forward to a busy summer” in which they would meet the rising demand for travel and take millions of people on vacation.

Since Covid, it seems like travelers’ tastes in places to go have also changed.

Cirium said that in July, more people wanted to fly to Turkey, Greece, and Croatia than they did before the pandemic.

But fewer people have left for important places like Spain, France, and Italy.

It said that flights to Italy and France dropped by 13% in July 2019 compared to the same month this year.

Compared to July before Covid, the number of trips to Spain is down 6%.

Still, 14,962 trips between the UK and Spain are booked for this month, making it the most popular place to go.

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