Greece’s wildfires have forced the evacuation of 1,200 children from a summer camp as the flames approaches.

Two different fires are raging across the country as the country suffers from the consequences of a hot Mediterranean weather.

As fires reached their camp in the coastal village of Loutraki, west of Athens, 1,200 children were evacuated.

Meanwhile, in Kouvaras, south-east of the city, police apprehended a man accused of sparking another fire.

Weather forecasters say the extreme regional heatwave shows little signs of abating.

Furthermore, the Greek meteorological office has cautioned that the possibility of additional flames remains high.

The wildfires were exacerbated by strong winds, and hundreds of firemen fought to keep the flames from spreading.

The blaze destroyed numerous buildings and cars, and dense white smoke rose from the burning foliage, according to Greek media.

Thick smoke obstructed the roads at Kalyvia, near Kouvaras, and monks were evacuated from a nearby monastery.

Temperatures in Greece have recently reached 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit). To safeguard visitors, the Acropolis in Athens, the country’s most popular tourist attraction, was closed during the warmest hours of Friday and Saturday.

Temperatures in neighboring countries like as Italy and Spain have also been extremely high.

“Temperatures will reach a peak between July 19 and 23 – not only in Italy, but also in Greece, Turkey, and the Balkans,” Italian meteorologist and climate expert Giulio Betti told the BBC.

“Several local heat records within these areas may very well be broken during those days.”

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