Greta Thunberg withdraws from the Edinburgh Book Festival due to ‘greenwashing.’

Greta Thunberg, a climate activist, has canceled her presence at the Edinburgh International Book Festival due to its ties to the fossil fuel sector.

She was supposed to attend an event during the yearly festival on August 13th.

However, she stated that she would no longer do so because the festival is sponsored by the Baillie Gifford investment group.

Baillie Gifford, she claimed, “invests heavily in the fossil fuel industry.”

Ms. Thunberg accused the sector of “greenwashing” by funding cultural events, and she refused to be involved with it.

“Greenwashing efforts by the fossil fuel industry, including sponsorship of cultural events, allow them to maintain the social license to operate,” she noted.

“I cannot and do not want to be associated with events that accept this kind of sponsorship.”

Baillie Gifford, which has sponsored the book festival for the past 19 years, stated that it is not a major fossil fuel investor, with 2% of its clients’ money invested in companies with some business related to fossil fuels, compared to a market average of 11%.

“Of those companies, some have already moved most of their business away from fossil fuels, and many are helping to drive the transition to clean energy,” a spokesman for the firm said.

“Currently, 5% of our clients’ money is being invested in companies whose sole purpose is to develop clean energy solutions.”

Ms Thunberg was scheduled to talk at the Edinburgh Playhouse at an event called It’s Not Too Late To Change The World.

It would have been her first public appearance in Scotland since her COP26 visit in 2021.

During the occasion, she was also supposed to talk about her advocacy and her book, The Climate Book.

The book festival’s director, Nick Barley, praised Ms Thunberg for sticking to her values, but added that the festival had to do the same.

“The Book Festival exists to provide a platform for debate and discussion around key issues affecting humanity today, including the climate emergency,” Mr Barley added.

“Without the long-term support of organizations like Baillie Gifford, we would not be able to provide that platform.”

“We are convinced that Baillie Gifford is part of the solution to the climate crisis.” They are early investors in forward-thinking climate-positive businesses, offering funding to help them expand.”

He apologized to those who purchased event tickets, who will be fully refunded, and “especially to the hundreds of young climate campaigners who we had invited to come along because of their hard work to change the system in Scotland.”

Ms Thunberg began protesting climate change outside Sweden’s parliament as a 15-year-old schoolgirl in 2018, sparking similar “school strikes” across Europe, the United States, and Australia.

She has regularly chastised international leaders for what she sees as a lack of action on the climate crisis, and was jailed by police in Germany earlier this year during a coal demonstration.

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