Half of a sign is left at Twitter headquarters after cops stop a protest.

The platform owned by Elon Musk is changing its name to X. On Monday, they tried to get rid of the old company name from the buildings.

Before work was stopped, five letters had been taken off the big vertical sign in the office.

It now just says “er,” which is how some people felt about the company’s sudden business makeover.

Getty Images photographer Justin Sullivan said that San Francisco cops stopped the sign removal “shortly after it started.”

Since 2012, Twitter’s headquarters have been in the Californian city, and the sign for the company has become a part of the cityscape.

The famous blue bird on Twitter has been replaced by an X on a black background, which was shown on the side of the company’s offices on Sunday.

Mr. Musk says that posts will no longer be called “tweets” but will be called “x’s” instead.

On Sunday, the investor tweeted that he wanted to change Twitter’s logo. He wrote, “Soon we will say goodbye to the Twitter brand and all the birds, one by one.”

Local news outlets had said before that the cops were called because Mr. Musk hadn’t gotten a permit for the work. But the cops later said this was all a mistake.

The San Francisco police told the media that they reacted to a “possible unpermitted street closure,” but they found that no crime had been committed, so it was not their problem.

Even though the cops left, work on taking down the sign did not continue, and it is not clear when it will.

Some people have said that Mr. Musk was wrong to change Twitter’s well-known name and bird image.

Jean-Pierre Dube, a marketing expert, told the BBC that he thought it was a joke and asked why anyone would “throw away” a brand as well-known as Twitter’s.

It was revealed when the microblogging site was in a lot of trouble. Mr. Musk said that the company’s income from ads has dropped by half, and it has been sued for not making promised layoff payments and not paying bills.

Last year, Mr. Musk paid $44 billion for Twitter and soon after, he cut thousands of jobs.

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