Hun Sen of Cambodia will step down after being in power for 40 years and name his son as PM.

The long-awaited news came three days after his party won all the seats again in an election with little competition.

Hun Sen, who is 70, has been in charge of Cambodia for almost 40 years. During that time, he has become more and more dictatorial.

He first said that there would be a change in 2021, but no one knew when it would happen until now.

His eldest son, Hun Manet, was in charge of the Royal Cambodian Army until recently. He has been trained for this job for a long time.

Hun Sen said in his speech that his son would become prime minister on August 10.

In a special broadcast on state TV, he said, “I’d like to ask the people for their understanding as I tell them I’m stepping down as prime minister.”

He said that he would step down because staying in office could lead to chaos. But he will still be in charge of the ruling Cambodian People’s Party, which gives him, according to political experts, the most power.

Earlier on Wednesday, Hun Sen was shown on state media going to the house of the Cambodian monarch to tell him about the dynastic succession.

Hun Manet, who is 45 years old, led the campaigning for the 23 July election this year. He was often seen at gatherings with his father, who has been in charge of the 16 million-person Southeast Asian country since 1985.

Most people thought that Sunday’s election was already over, since the only serious opposition party had been kicked out of the race.

There were 17 other parties on the ticket, but none of them were a good choice for voters because they were too small, too new, or too close to the CPP.

The US and the EU both said that the vote wasn’t free or fair and that they were against it.

Hun Sen’s killing of political opponents is part of his larger effort in recent years to shut down public space in Cambodia.

After always beating his opponents, he used the courts in 2017 to get rid of another popular opposition party, the CNRP, and put its leaders in jail or send them away.

He has also made it harder for people to disagree with him and speak their minds. He has shut down most of the alternative media in the country. Rights groups, work unions, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) also say that they are being told to shut down.

Analysts had thought that the reason he was stricter this year was because he needed a smooth transfer. It will be the first change of power in Cambodia in 40 years.

Some people think that Hun Manet, who went to the US military academy West Point and the University of Bristol, could run a less harsh government than his father, whose iron-fisted rule was formed during and after the Khmer Rouge regime. Hun Manet went to the US military academy West Point and the University of Bristol.

Analysts say, though, that he hasn’t shown any signs that he might be more open. Hun Sen has also made it clear that he will still have a lot of power over how the country is run.

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