Huw Edwards: Naming comes as a major surprise to viewers.

One thing is the internet. It’s quite another to hear him officially named by Sophie Raworth at the top of the bulletin.

Viewers frequently form strong attachments to their presenters. For the past 20 years, Huw Edwards has been the face of News at Ten. It must have come as a surprise.

People who work alongside the famous presenter every day at the BBC Newsroom have been processing this event as well.

We may have been aware, but unable to convey, that Edwards was at the epicenter of the storm.

He was put on leave. His reputation has been destroyed, albeit anonymously, and the BBC is under intense scrutiny.

From the reaction when the announcement came in, being able to finally report it triggered a surge of emotion that no one could have predicted.

It’s almost as though there was some disagreement about how to respond. This appears to be a truly sad story about a man in turmoil who has major mental health concerns.

Some BBC News Channel interviews have expressed their best wishes to him. There is sympathy, but it is not without censure.

We must keep in mind that, if the Sun’s reporting is correct, this is also the narrative of parents in conflict, a young person struggling with drug addiction, and charges against Edwards that, although not illegal, could amount to misbehavior.

But it is the central theme of the entire story. We are not privy to the evidence on which the Sun relied. We’ve never seen any bank statements or other proof.

But now we have a name.

In some ways, Edwards epitomizes BBC principles more than anybody else. He is more than just a News at Ten presenter. He is the man who has held viewers’ hands during so many pivotal events in our country’s history.

Since David Dimbleby’s departure, there have been general elections and royal occasions. He was the one who informed us about the Queen’s death. He brought us the coronation of the King.

BBC News is built on trust, impartiality, and dependability. Huw Edwards embodied all of these characteristics.

It remains to be seen whether he can regain his health and resume broadcasting.

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