Jennie Kim of Blackpink discusses ‘low intensity’ performances.

Some K-pop fans have previously chastised the artist for being “lazy” and “unable to deliver” her choreography, even though it appeared immaculate to the uninitiated.

However, the singer admitted to Dua Lipa’s At Your Service podcast that she was prone to injury during Blackpink’s early days.

“I didn’t know how to control my body properly,” she explained.

“It started because I was constantly injuring myself during performances and live [shows] in comparison to the other girls.”

“It was a stressful experience in my life.” ‘There we go, I fell again, I tripped over again,’ I think.

“So I feel like I’ve disappointed my fans at times in my life when it appeared that I wasn’t giving my all.”

It’s the first time the singer has addressed the critiques, but she emphasizes that she’s been focusing on her physical health since 2020.

“I’ve learned to care for my body.” And I’ve learnt a lot about myself, including my health and how my muscles work, as well as how bendy my arms are,” she joked.

“I’ve spent time on every detail.”

Jennie also talked about how the pressure to dance on high heels had made her uncomfortable.

“Some people are amazing in heels,” she commented. “My feet aren’t built for it.”

“Sometimes, when I’m feeling fine, when my body is fine, it’s fine. But when I’m traveling and my feet are bloated, trying to dance in heels saps my stamina.”

To preserve her health, Blackpink has generally opted for more comfortable footwear on her current global tour, including boots with ankle supports and lower, Cuban-style heels.

Her admission is unusual in the strictly regulated world of K-pop, where singers are expected to maintain high professional standards at all times.

Jennie’s performances have frequently been criticized in these terms, with fans accusing her of being unprofessional – even when she exceeds the standards of most Western musicians.

However, the actress stated that she wanted to be open about her difficulties.

“I’ve wanted to come clean… not come clean, but share with my fans that I’m still at a point in my life where I’m learning about myself,” she stated.

Dua Lipa could relate, since one of her early, terrible dancing routines became a meme in 2019.

“Trying to figure yourself out while also being in the public eye can be a little scary,” she said to Jennie.

“Because not everyone knows what goes on behind the scenes, I think it’s really nice to be able to share those moments.”

In terms of her own experiences, the Grammy winner stated that she “realized how much I needed to be in rehearsal and keep my body strong with yoga and pilates… so [that] I could perform.”

“But I assure you, you’re doing an excellent job and are not letting anyone down.”

During the half-hour interview, Jennie also discussed how she “broke down in tears” during Blackpink’s historic headline set at Coachella, and how the band had begun to develop their own personality on their latest album, Born Pink.

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