Meta, who owns Facebook, plans to launch a Twitter-like service on Thursday.

The app, called Threads, can be pre-ordered on the Apple App Store. It will work with Instagram.

There are screenshots of a panel that looks like Twitter. Threads is called a “text-based conversation app” on Meta.

This is the latest step in a battle between Mark Zuckerberg, who runs Meta, and Elon Musk, who owns Twitter.

Last month, the two men decided to fight, but it’s not clear how serious they were about actually going through with it.

Mr. Musk replied to a tweet about Threads by saying, “Thank goodness they’re run so sanely.” This seemed to be a new jab at Mr. Zuckerberg.

In the meantime, Twitter has said that TweetDeck, a popular platform for users, will have to be paid for in 30 days.

This is the latest thing that Mr. Musk has done to try to get people to sign up for Twitter Blue, which is a paid service that users can sign up for.

The multi-billionaire limited how many tweets people could see on Saturday, blaming “extreme data scraping.”

Meta’s Threads app makes it look like the service will be free, and users won’t be limited in how many posts they can see.

The App Store says, “Threads is where communities come together to talk about everything from what you care about today to what will be popular tomorrow.”

Screen shots from the app show that it looks almost exactly like Twitter.

Since Threads is a Meta app, it will also collect information from your phone, such as your location, payments, and browsing history.

In the past few years, a number of apps have come out that look a lot like Twitter, like Donald Trump’s Truth Social and Mastodon.

Bluesky, which is a similar app, said it had “record” traffic after Mr. Musk’s move to limit use over the weekend.

But Threads could be the biggest problem Twitter has had to deal with so far.

Mark Zuckerberg has been known to take ideas from other companies and make them work.

Reels is often seen as a copy of TikTok, and Stories looks a lot like Snapchat.

Meta has enough money and people to compete with Twitter. Threads will be part of Instagram, so it will be linked to hundreds of millions of accounts. It doesn’t have to start from scratch like other competitors have had to.

Some people have praised Mr. Musk for his support of free speech, but he has also turned off some users.

Mr. Zuckerberg will hope that he can get enough Twitter users who are unhappy to leave so that he can make a real option.

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