Minister says it will be inconvenient if NatWest’s chairman resigns over Nigel Farage.

Andrew Griffith made the remarks following Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s refusal to support Sir Howard Davies on Thursday.

Sir Howard has received calls to resign after originally supporting NatWest CEO Dame Alison Rose in the issue, just hours before she stepped down on Wednesday.

He has committed to stay in his position in order to keep the bank stable.

Dame Alison departed NatWest earlier this week after acknowledging she made a mistake while discussing Mr Farage’s ties with Coutts, a NatWest subsidiary that caters to the wealthy. On Thursday, Coutts’ boss resigned in protest at the dispute.

When asked if Sir Howard, who is set to step down as chairman in mid-2024, should retire immediately, Mr Griffiths said on BBC Radio 4’s Any Questions: “Alison was the chief executive responsible for the day-to-day conduct of that organization.”

“The chairman of the board is Sir Howard. He has already left, and they are looking for a new chairman. I don’t think Sir Howard Davies leaving now would be beneficial.

“What matters is that there is an independent investigation.” “I’m curious about what happened.”


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