MP Chris Pincher is facing an 8-week suspension after a groping scandal.

An inquiry has found that MP Chris Pincher molested two men in a London bar last year, and he faces an eight-week suspension from the Commons as a result.

His “completely inappropriate” actions were called a “abuse of power” by Parliament’s standards committee.

The entire House of Commons must agree to implement the proposed penalty.

A recall petition might then be filed against him in his Tamworth constituency, leading to a possible by-election.

Mr. Pincher issued a statement saying he needed time to “reflect” on the report’s findings before making any additional comments “at this time.”

He expressed his desire to “apologise sincerely” for his actions and mentioned that he has sought and is receiving “ongoing” medical treatment.

He now holds a 19,000-vote margin in Tamworth, Staffordshire, therefore a swing of just over 21% is needed for Labour to capture the seat.

Pincher report status updates, now streaming live
A possible five by-election losses for the Conservatives.
Westminster employees still describe the culture as “predatory.”
Mr. Pincher informed the Conservative Party in April that he would not seek reelection as an MP in the upcoming general election.

The story was alarming, according to Labour Deputy Leader Angela Rayner, who called upon Mr. Pincher to “do the decent thing and resign as an MP.”

Parliament’s standards commissioner Daniel Greenberg looked into the incident at the Carlton Club, a private members’ club in the heart of London.

It happened in June of last year, following a function at which Mr. Pincher, the government’s then-deputy top whip, had been asked to speak.

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