Nathan Law: Police invade the house of an exiled Hong Kong activist’s family

The family home of Nathan Law, a prominent pro-democracy campaigner in exile in the United Kingdom, has been raided by Hong Kong authorities.

According to local media, Mr Law’s parents and one of his siblings were also detained for interrogation.

The raid comes just a week after police posted a HK$1 million (£99,100; US$127,800) reward for his and seven other activists’ arrests.

Mr Law, who escaped to the United Kingdom in 2020 and was granted political asylum, has yet to comment on the latest events.

The raid took place on Tuesday morning, and authorities have since confirmed to BBC News Chinese that three persons were held on “suspicion of assisting a person on the run to continue behavior that endangers national security.”

According to local media, the three people were later released after being questioned.

More “law enforcement actions, including arrests,” according to police, are possible.

On July 3, Hong Kong authorities issued arrest warrants and monetary prizes for information leading to the detention of Mr Law and seven other Hong Kong political activists in exile.

The activists’ home nations, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia, do not have extradition treaties with China and have criticised the Hong Kong authorities’ order.

However, since the announcement, at least five persons with ties to the protestors have been arrested in Hong Kong. The police stated that they “do not rule out the possibility of additional arrests.”

Mr Law told the BBC last week that he would have to be more cautious in the aftermath of the injunction.

He is a major figure in Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement and one of the unofficial leaders of the 2019 protests.

He published a statement after quitting Hong Kong in 2020, indicating he had severed all relations with his family.

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