Ofcom will look into an episode of GB News by Jacob Rees-Mogg.

In the State of the Nation episode from May 9, the MP talked about breaking news about a civil trial decision that involved Donald Trump.

The government agency got 40 reports.

Ofcom said, “We’re looking into whether this show broke our rules, which say that politicians can’t read the news unless there’s a good editorial reason.”

Politicians who are still in office can, however, host news shows as long as different points of view are shown.

Sir Jacob, who used to be a government minister, is in charge of the one-hour evening show Monday through Thursday.

In the show in question, he talked about a US civil jury’s decision that Mr. Trump sexually abused writer E. Jean Carroll in Manhattan in the 1990s.

GB News has been asked to say something.

The regulator will also look into an episode of a Talk TV show that was hosted by Alex Salmond, who used to be the first minister of Scotland.

A representative from Ofcom said, “We are looking into whether this show broke our rules, which say that news and current events must be presented in an unbiased way.”

Two people complained about the 2 April show because it talked about the Scottish National Party (SNP).

A TalkTV representative told the BBC, “TalkTV will take part in the Ofcom process and is ready to defend its programming.”

Ofcom is also still looking into an episode of GB News’s Saturday Morning with Esther and Philip, which was hosted by Esther McVey and Philip Davies, who are husband and wife Conservative MPs.

In 2005, rules were put in place about how leaders could host shows.

People say that lawmakers can’t be newsreaders, interviewers, or reporters on news shows, but they can host current affairs shows.

The watchdog is asking people what they think about its rules.

It said last month, “Given the rise in the number of current affairs shows hosted by sitting politicians and the recent public interest in this issue, we are doing new research to find out how people feel about these shows now.”

Later this year, the results will be made public.

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