Poland: A plane crash at the Chrcynno hangar kills five people and injures seven others.

According to officials, a tiny plane crashed into a hangar at an airfield near Warsaw, killing five persons, including the pilot.

According to officials, eight persons were also hurt in the crash. Thirteen people were reportedly sheltering from the rain in the hangar.

The fire department stated that poor weather was a “probable cause” of the incident.

Four helicopters and ten ambulances were sent to the scene of the accident in Chrcynno.

The settlement is 47 kilometers (29 miles) from Warsaw.

The plane that crashed was recognized as a Cessna 208 by Polish media.

The incident occurred at an airstrip in Chrcynno, according to the local fire service, and a photo of the plane’s tail protruding out of a hangar was uploaded on Facebook.

The police were notified just after 17:30 GMT, according to the AFP news agency. They were going to start an investigation.

According to AFP, three persons were on board the jet when it collided with the corrugated iron hangar.

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