Ryuchell, a Japanese TV celebrity, was discovered dead in his agent’s office.

Ryuchell, a Japanese TV celebrity, was discovered dead by their manager at the agency’s Tokyo headquarters.

The 27-year-old’s cause of death has not yet been determined, however authorities have stated that they are investigating whether or not they committed suicide.

Ryuchell married another model, Peco, in 2016, and the couple welcomed a son.

The pair split in August 2022 after Ryuchell stated they no longer identified as male, sparking widespread outrage online.

Ryuchell stated in an Instagram post that they will continue to live with Peco and their son.

Many, however, accused the celebrity of being an absent father and slammed their decision to come out. Ryuchell appeared in a YouTube video with Peco in February, defending her ex-husband and saying she supported them while they worked out their sexuality.

Ryuchell rose to prominence as a significant LGBT personality in Japan, and they were well-known for their genderless fashion sense. As their celebrity grew, they were subjected to a slew of online social harassment campaigns that mostly criticized their personal lives and gender nonconformity.

Terms like “Ryuchell” and “character assassination” were trending on Twitter in Japan shortly after their deaths.

Peco and their kid are currently abroad; on Tuesday, she shared a photo of a cake for his fifth birthday. The family has yet to respond to the news of Ryuchell’s death.

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