Sir Billy Connolly: ‘I’ll never give up live performing.’

Despite being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, Sir Billy Connolly has stated that he will “never give up live performance.”

The 80-year-old Scottish comic received the diagnosis ten years ago, on the same day he learned he had prostate cancer.

He revealed to BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme that he still misses telling stories in front of an audience.

“[It has] the ability to cheer myself up, and I love it,” he was quoted as saying.

Sir Billy, who has been given the all-clear from cancer, says he has stopped touring but “may at some future time” be persuaded to return to the stage.

The actor announced his retirement from comedy in 2018 and has since focused on establishing himself as an artist.

He acknowledged Parkinson’s as having “radically” altered his life.

Sir Billy has experienced a “couple of serious falls” as his balance deteriorates due to the condition, which causes unintentional or involuntary movements such as shaking.

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