South China Sea: Blackpink’s show in Vietnam is in trouble because of a map from China

The people in charge of putting on the Blackpink event in Vietnam have apologized because their website showed a map that Beijing uses to back up its huge claims in the South China Sea.

There will be two performances by the Korean pop stars there this month.

The map on promoter iME’s website was called a “hot button issue” and “unacceptable” by a spokesman for Vietnam’s foreign ministry.

The company, which is based in Beijing, said it would change the pictures.

People in Vietnam who use the internet often saw the picture on the website.

Vietnam is one of many countries that disagree with China’s claim to almost the whole South China Sea.

On maps of the South China Sea, China shows its territory claims with a line with nine dots.

Pham Thu Hang, a spokesman for Vietnam’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said, “Promoting and using products or publications with the “nine-dash line” in Vietnam is against Vietnam’s laws and is not acceptable.”

Vietnam’s Ministry of Culture said that it was looking into what happened.

In its apology, iME said that the map on its website “does not show the territory of any country, and we are aware of the need to respect the sovereignty and culture of all countries.”

Brian Chow, the CEO of the company, said that what happened was a “unfortunate misunderstanding.”

Pop bands with big names like Blackpink rarely play live in Vietnam.

A few days before the Blackpink incident, Vietnam banned the Barbie movie because of how it showed the nine-dash map.

Warner Bros., which sold the movie, defended the way the map was shown by calling it a “childish crayon drawing.”

“The drawings show Barbie’s imaginary trip from Barbie Land to the real world. It wasn’t meant to make a point of any kind,” the company said.

In 2016, an international court in The Hague decided against China’s claims in the South China Sea, but Beijing did not accept the decision.

Instead, it has built man-made islands on reefs and outcrops that were not settled before.

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