The Government has defeated the final Lords challenge to the Illegal Migration Bill.

The government has secured a last round of votes in the Lords to pass the Illegal Migration Bill.

The bill is essential to Prime Minister David Cameron’s vow to prevent tiny boats from crossing the English Channel.

Amendments proposed by peers, including time restrictions on child detention and provisions against contemporary slavery, were defeated.

The final suggested modification was defeated in a late-night debate in the House of Lords. The bill is now ready for royal assent.

For weeks, MPs were involved in a dispute with the Lords over the final shape of the bill, which had been repeatedly altered by opposition lords.

One such proposal would have required the National Crime Agency to provide quarterly updates on immigration crime activities.

On Monday, peers rejected it by a vote of 201 to 166, with a majority of 35.

Another proposal, to provide safeguards to UK-based victims of modern slavery, was defeated by a vote of 205 to 193.

It requested that the law include a 14-day grace period to allow people to seek help and cooperate with judicial procedures against traffickers.

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