The Prime Minister has ruled out a rescue for Birmingham.

The prime minister has ruled out a rescue for Birmingham City Council, which is grappling with a massive tab for equal pay claims.

After conceding that paying outstanding claims could cost £760 million, the local government declared in July that it would freeze all non-essential spending.

Rishi Sunak stated that “it is not the government’s responsibility to bail out the council for its financial mismanagement.”

Labour MPs have asked the government to intervene.

However, on a visit to a city construction site, the prime minister stated, “The council just needs to do a better job of managing the figures properly and delivering good quality services to residents.”

When the size of the bill was revealed, Birmingham City Council’s Labour leader expressed amazement.

When John Cotton took over in May, he requested a financial assessment, which revealed the commitment.

Despite having paid out around £1.1 billion in claims since a landmark court judgment in 2012.

Council employees in typically female-dominated jobs, such as teaching assistants, cleaners, and catering personnel, filed the accusations.

The GMB union, which represents hundreds of municipal employees, claimed that the problem has been around for a long time and that the council should have been aware of it.

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