The remains of a missing German man have been discovered in a Thai freezer.

The search for Hans-Peter Mack, 62, came to an end on Monday night when police discovered his remains in a rubbish bag inside a leased property in Nong Prue, Thailand.

Two German suspects were apprehended.

Mack, a property trader who lived in the eastern city of Pattaya with his Thai wife, has been missing since July 4.

According to police, the two suspects planned to murder Mack and then transport and conceal his body.

Mack was last seen in his Mercedes vehicle in Pattaya, according to his family, who paid 3 million baht (£66,000; $86,000) for information on his whereabouts.

According to accounts, the automobile was discovered on Sunday in the parking area of a condominium in Nong Prue.

According to footage shown on Thai television networks, authorities located a cordless chainsaw, a set of hedge clippers, and rolls of plastic alongside the body.

Police also discovered evidence of a cleaning solution on the seats, dashboard, steering wheel, and other areas of the car.

The discovery, according to Police Major General Theerachai Chamnanmor, indicated a “intention to destroy evidence.”

According to Nong Prue police commander Tawee Kudthalaeng, authorities noticed that a considerable sum of money had gone missing from Mack’s bank account.

He went on to say that Mack’s bones were later discovered using CCTV footage from the vicinity, but he didn’t elaborate.

Mack’s wife reportedly contacted him when he failed to show up for their lunch arrangement on July 4th.

She received a text message stating that he would call her back. That night, around 10 p.m., she received another text informing her that he was still with a customer.

Mack’s wife, on the other hand, told Thai media that Mack had never texted her during their five-year relationship.

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