There is still confusion on Twitter about how many tweets Elon Musk can send.

The billionaire said this was a “temporary measure” to stop people from scraping so much info from the site.

Mr. Musk quickly raised the first limits over the weekend.

On Sunday, many users said they no longer saw rate limits, but on Monday, some said the “rate limit exceeded” message was back.

Before Mr. Musk took over Twitter in October 2022, he had said that he didn’t like it when artificial intelligence (AI) companies used Twitter’s data to train their big language models.

The platform made changes over the weekend that limited unknown Twitter users who don’t pay for a subscription to 600 tweets. However, Mr. Musk said that this limit had been raised to 1,000 on Saturday evening.

He hasn’t said anything yet about whether or not the rules will stay in place.

An AI issue?
In response to a user who pointed out problems with site features, Mr. Musk said in a Saturday morning tweet that Twitter had put these restrictions in place because of “EXTREME levels of data scraping.”

The process is a key way to get content and information from web platforms. It includes pulling data from sites, often in large amounts, and putting it in a local format, like a spreadsheet, so that it can be read and used.

“Almost every AI company, from start-ups to some of the biggest companies on Earth, was scraping huge amounts of data,” Mr. Musk said in his tweet.

“It’s kind of annoying to have to bring a lot of servers back online in a hurry just to help some AI startup get a crazy valuation.”

Reddit’s move to charge companies to access its data was partly based on similar worries about the widespread use of platform data to train AI models.

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