TikTok was fined €345 million for not protecting the protection of children’s data.

TikTok broke children’s privacy rules, so Irish regulators fined the company €345m (£296m).

The complaint was about how the social media app treated children’s information in 2020, especially when it came to checking their age and setting their privacy settings.

It is the biggest fine that the government has given to TikTok so far.

A representative for the social media company said that the company “respectfully disagrees with the decision, especially the amount of the fine.”

“The complaints are mostly about settings and features that were in place three years ago and that we changed long before the investigation started, like making all accounts for people under 16 private by default,” they said.

Under the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is a privacy rule, the fine was given by Ireland’s Data Protection Commission (DPC).

GDPR tells companies how to handle data by giving them rules to follow.

The DPC found that TikTok wasn’t clear enough with kids about how its privacy settings worked, which raised questions about how their information was used.

Helen Dixon, the Data Protection Commissioner, told BBC News that the investigation also found that accounts made by people between the ages of 13 and 17 were made public by default when they signed up. This means that anyone could see what they wrote.

“That is exactly the fault of TikTok because of how they set up the platform,” Ms. Dixon said. “This goes against the requirements of the GDPR to protect data by design and by default.”

The company has three months to make sure that all of its data processing is in line with GDPR.

Prof. Sonia Livingstone, a researcher at the London School of Economics and Political Science who studies children’s digital rights and experiences, was happy with the DPC’s ruling.

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