Transgender women are being prohibited from female events as a ‘precautionary step’ by the UCI.

The governing body of world cycling has declared that transgender women will be barred from racing in female competitions.

The UCI’s approach is identical to British Cycling’s, with the UCI trying to “protect the female class.”

According to the UCI, anyone who has transitioned after male puberty is eligible to compete in a’men/open’ category.

Austin Killips, a female American transgender cyclist, won a UCI women’s event two months earlier.

Following that conclusion, the international organization said it heard “the voice of female athletes and their concerns about an equal playing field for competitors” and resumed dialogue on the subject.

The UCI renamed the male category’men/open,’ adding that “any athlete who does not meet the conditions for participation in women’s events will be admitted without restriction.”

Transgender women could formerly compete in elite female competitions if they met testosterone-based restrictions.

The UCI has recently stated that it has “taken note of the current state of scientific knowledge” on hormone therapy, which “does not completely eliminate the benefits of testosterone during puberty in men.”

As a result, it decided that international intervention was required “as a precautionary measure.”

“Cycling is open to everyone, including transgender people,” UCI president David Lappartient stated.

“However, [the UCI] has a responsibility to ensure equal opportunities for all competitors.”

In addition, the UCI stated that rules “may change in the future as scientific knowledge evolves.”

The governing organization stated that the adjustments will apply to UCI international calendar events such as the Women’s World Tour, World Championships, and World Cups across various cycling disciplines.

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