UN: US national detained by North Korea after crossing border

According to the United Nations Command, which controls the Demilitarized Zone and joint security area (JSA), the guy lacked authorization.

“We believe he is currently in DPRK custody and are collaborating with our KPA counterparts to resolve this incident,” the statement stated.

The BBC has reached out to the US Department of State for comment.

The Korean People’s Army (KPA) is North Korea’s military. The Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) separates the two Koreas and is one of the world’s most highly defended zones.

It is riddled with landmines and encircled by electric and barbed wire fencing as well as monitoring cameras. Armed guards are expected to be on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Every year, dozens of people attempt to exit North Korea, fleeing poverty and famine, but defections across the DMZ are very perilous and rare.

The latest soldier to defect at the JSA was in 2017, when a North Korean soldier drove a car then sprinted across the military demarcation line, according to South Korea at the time.

The soldier was shot 40 times yet managed to survive.

According to figures given by the South Korean government prior to the outbreak, more than 1,000 people escaped North Korea to China each year.

Six South Koreans are now detained in North Korea.

Relations between the US and North Korea deteriorated in 2017 after a US student detained a year earlier for stealing a propaganda sign was returned to the US in a vegetative state and died.

During Donald Trump’s administration in 2018, three US citizens were later released.

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