With the Glorbo prank, Warcraft players say they beat AI.

People on the WoW subreddit thought that a bot was taking their words and using them to make news stories.

So, they set a trap by putting up posts that were full of excitement about a new feature called Glorbo. The only thing? It’s not there.

But that didn’t stop a story from showing up on Zleague, which is a site for gamers.

The story, which made it seem like Glorbo was real, named a number of other increasingly strange and definitely fake things that had been talked about in different subreddit threads.

There was the “required item Klikclac,” a “epic quest to get rid of Quackion, the Aspect of Ducks,” and the “small, cozy island” of Zoop.

Fans were happy about it coming out, and one of Warcraft’s top developers tweeted about how happy he was to “finally” be able to talk about Glorbo.

Zleague hasn’t said for sure that the article was made by AI, but it has been taken down along with other articles that people said were made from old Reddit posts.

People have noticed that the author who is said to have written the piece posts dozens of articles on the site every day, which makes it hard to believe that all of them were written by the same person.

Some important questions are also brought up by the joke about using AI to write articles.

Sites about video games usually hire real writers who know a lot about the subject and should be able to spot and check fake news.

Even though there are real worries about AI taking over some jobs, some experts have pointed out that AI is not as smart as we might think it is.

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